Purchase Area Paranormal Society

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We are currently doing some major changes


Purchase Area Paranormal Society is a group of individuals whom have an interest in ghost and hauntings. We decided to form a group where people of the same interest could join together and research and investigate ghost and hauntings.

We are mainly composed of Christians and range in age from 18 on up. We are open to new members but we ask that members and potential members follow a few guidelines and also the ghosthunters code of ethics. We are not open to people who practice wicca, paganism, or satanism as well as the ‘gothic’ culture.

It is our intent to prove professional research and investigations to help better understand the paranormal activities associated with ghost and hauntings. We use modern technology and ‘old time’ methods as well to conduct our investigations.

It is estimated that between 40% and 60% percent of adult Americans believe in the possibility of ghost. More people are coming forward as shows such as Haunted History on the History Channel and Haunted Travels on the Travel Channel make believing more expectable. I have found that when people learn about my interest in ghost they often open up to me telling of their personal experiences. These people are teachers, doctors and nurses, and many other professionals. People whom believe in ghost can come from all faiths including Christianity.

I hope that you find this site useful.  If you have any questions or comments please contact me.  This page is a works in progress, I will update it as my time allows. 

We would love to hear from you.  Wether it be comments about our site or you personal paranormal exeriences.  You can email us at paducahareaghosthunters@yahoo.com
Also if you would like to be placed on our mailing list so that when the website is updated or we have special events, we can notify you, send us a message.