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I am working on setting a meeting for Feb. This will be the first one in a long time.

Recent Events

I recently visited a site in the Land Between the Lakes.  This location was somewhat isolated, so I thought.  After hiking a ways down a closed road, that resulting in a week or two of iching tick bites, I found the old home site.  Upon finding the foundation I began by getting EMF readings, followed by EVP recording.  The results of the two did not show anything out of the ordanary.  The 'strange' feelings that I several years ago was not there on this day.  With only one investigation I feel it is too early to list this location as a non-haunting or as a possible haunting.


Upcoming Events

Many people beleave that 'ghost hunting' is merely going out to places that are reportedly haunted and waving different gagets around.  This is not that case, there is alot more involved in this feild.  I would have to say that 95% ghost hunting is research.  I spend hours on hours at local libraries going through records and documents attempting to verify stories.  Then comes the finding new stories.  We spend alot of time talking to witnesses of the hauntings.  Then comes the ghost hunt.  The gagets that we use are to theroies to how well they work.  The biggest thing that we want to document is actual events.