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While surfing on the net I have found a few things that had made me a little concearned.  There seems to be a great many groups and individuals who are not being completely honest.  Also there are groups that are wildly calling every thing ghost related.  This is in my opinion harmfull to all involved: other ghost hunters, skeptics, the public, and you.  I have considered listing some of these sites and names of groups, however that could create problems also.  So instead of doing that I will list things to watch out for.  If I do feel that a group or site is a larger risk, I will list it.

It is in our opinion as well as many other groups that ghost hunting is not a business.  We believe that people should not be charged for our investigating a reported haunting. 

1.)We as well as many other groups feel that there should be no charge for a group to come investigate. 
2.)We do not have a problem with a individual or group selling books, tours or even 'ghosthunting' tools, as long as the prices are reasonible.  I recently found a site that was selling the Guass Master EMF meter for $100.00!  This sells retail new for between $35.00-$45.00.  So please beware, shop around, and if you feel that something is fishy, dont buy ask someone else SHOP AROUND.

     If a site goes on about how orbs are proof positive of ghost please dont beleive them.  Orbs are currently a hot button issue with ghost hunters.  Most have accepted the fact that orbs can be caused by dust particles, bugs and moisture in the air.  A few groups are unwilling to accept this fact, a few years ago alot of us believed that orbs could be something more but now our understanding has grown.
     Becareful when listening to reported EVP(electronic voice phenomia).  A puff of wind agaist the mic can sound like a angry spirit saying "get out'" or "got milk".