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The following are some locations in western Kentucky that are reported to be Haunted.  We can not state wether or not they are or not.  Ones with a ( * ) are places that we have investigated or researched, note not all locations that we research or investigate are listed.  Also just because we have research a location it does not mean that we have done investigations.

Site Name and/or ghost name

Town or City

* Oak Grove Cemetery - Della Barnes                      Paducah
Riverside Hospital  - n/a -                                      Paducah
    Riverside Hospital was razed several years ago.
* Poole Rd - n/a -                                                  Paducah
    The case on Poole road originates from a incident that occured in 1916 when two men were hung for the alleged rape of a woman.
* Fisher Mansion - n/a -                                           Paducah
* Gravity Hill - n/a -                                              Princton
Murray State University (fine arts bldg)                 Murray
Murray State University (Lovett Audutorium)        Murray
Ashbury Cemetery                                                  Murray
* C.C. Cohens - Stella Cohen -                                  Paducah
* White Haven                                                          Paducah
Emma Morgan School                                            Paducah
Grand Rivers
       I have more to add!!!